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The 40th Int. Montan-Turnier
from may 18th to 21st, 2018

The fencing club of 
Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V.
gives a warm welcome to all fencers
of the

40th International Montan-Turnier
               "Steel and Fire"


The International Montan-Tournament has a rich history in the west of Germany.

We are proud to welcome up to 400 fencers in all foil categories and in some epee competitions in the sport venue "Sporthalle Krefelder Straße" of Duisburg-Rheinhausen. In this part of Duisburg the Krupp Company produced steel for 100 years - from 1893 to 1993. This is also a part of the Montan-Tournament - Steel and Fire.

These 3 fight-days are traditionally the end of the fencing season in Germany. Many countries have attended the Montan-Tournament in the past.

We look forward for your participation.

Wir danken den Partnern, Sponsoren und Unterstützern

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List of international participations in the past:
Belgium, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, United States